"Ma'amer Logistic Compound ".

The Logistic  compound consist of warehouses, accommodations, patching plants,  and VIP services to be provided to different companies. The total area of this distinctive project is up to 500,000 m2.

Maamer Location. The project is located in  FAO,  peninsula which  is a region adjoining the Arabian Gulf in the extreme south-east of Iraq, between and to the south-east of the cities of Basra (Iraq) and Abadan (Iran).

Importance. It is the site of a number of important oil installations, most notably Iraq's two main oil tanker terminals: Khor Al-Amaya and Mina Al-Bakr. Its chief importance is its strategic location, controlling access to the Shatt al-Arab waterway (and thus access to the port of Basra).

Fayha Group is a subcontractor for civil work for the Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project (ICOEEP), with the main contractor Leighton.. The ICOEEP is perhaps the most important strategic project in the Iraqi Ministry of Oil’s (MoO) Master Plan.

Other Logistic Facilities. Fayha Group not only have Maamer Logistic  Compound  in South of Iraq, but also in Khor Al Zubair, North of Basra as well as different locations are coming in the plan.

Join US. To join our list of clients including big oil companies.  Our team is ready to comply with any specific requirements for your company needs. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Looking to have you in Maamer Logistic Compound in FAO.

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