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The company has a group of cranes with different Loading Capacity from 8 tons and up to 150 tons .  Our cranes has been used in the following projects

1 - Installation of heat exchanger weight of 120 tons in the electricity Hartha station.
2 - Installation of transformers with weights up to 80 tons in (Khor Al Zubair , Qubla and
Petrochemical Co.
3 – Handling all the containers at the port of Abu Flus from 2005.
4 - Lift Barges and ship boats in Shatt al-Arab.
5 - the installation of towers in steel plant at height 37m , weight 40 tons
6- Erection  in Samawa Cement Factory .


We implemented many projects for hummer the piles of different measurements 30cm * 30cm and 40cm * 40cm in Basra and the south area of Iraq, as shown below: -
1 - Implantation of the piles in the multi-storey garage in the area of Ishaarl /
2 - sewage plant in Majir / Ammera .
3 - power station west of Basra
4 - power station FAO.
5 - Power Station Mashkhab / Daywaniyh
6 - Building internal departments of the Institute of oil.



The company has a group of Trailers, pipe carrier and trailers for the generation of transformers and heavy trailers to transfer Concrete Products There are also trailers for the transfer of cement silo .

Some projects executed :
1 – Transport of parts of the towers, a length of 35 m to Shuaiba refinery
2 - Transport Girders length in 28 m and weighs 60 tons for Nasiriyah.
3 - Transfer heat exchanger for a power plant Hartha weight of 120 tones.


Concrete Pumps

The company has Concrete pumps reach to the high of 42 m and has carried out of Concrete pumping at different sites in Basra, Missan and others Karbala & Baghdad For thousand Cubic meter.


Truck mixer

The company has a group of 42 Truck Mixer transported to various areas in Basra and the southern area of Iraq.



Fork Lift

The company has a group of Fork Lift machinery .


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